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kennol forza motorsports 4One year after winning its first ALMS championships (team, driver and rookie), KENNOL gives you the opportunity to be part of the team! Indeed, you can enjoy the presence of our victorious Oreca FLM09 in the long-awaited Forza 4, the most realistic and enjoyable racing game around. Tight your seatbelts, and take the lead of the team in our award-winning 2010 prototype.



After millions of games sold worldwide, the new Forza Motorsport episode launches. Long-awaited by litterally millions of fans, the 4th iteration of the franchise finally finds its way to our Microsoft Xbox 360, 2 months before christmas. And if you know KENNOL and its tight links with Level 5 main sponsor (Microsoft…), you could expect a good surprise, and you were right! Indeed, the famous 2010 Chevrolet #55 Level 5 Motorsports Oreca FLM09 is available among the best cars of the game!

KENNOL and the 2010 ALMS prototype

“This is such an honour,

the whole team deserves it!”

Christophe BOUCHUT

Main artisan of this team as a driver, Christophe BOUCHUT knows the KENNOL and Microsoft Office 2010-sponsored Chevy-Oreca prototype by heart. And even if he moved up in categories this season, he keeps amazingly detailed memories of this one, since he won the team LMPC title in ALMS 2010.

Met last week in Paris on his way back from USA and Petit Le Mans, where he scored a win and a 2011 LMP2 Driver and Team title, Christophe is the man that can say if the game looks and feels right, for sure, but also if the car is an accurate version of what he used to drive last year with Scott TUCKER. “This is such an honour, the whole team deserves it,” he said. “As a driver, I have the privilege to work with very expensive and precise simulators developed by motorists or chassis designers. So my comparison with the game is pretty much the most severe you can take. And I think the game is actually very good!”.

The French triple world-champion and new 2011 LMP2 ALMS Champion knows the places and cars the game allows you to drive. Indeed, after 2 seasons in ALMS, he drove and set track records on pretty much all the races he took part in. And TURN10, the studio that developed Forza 4, decided to include most of these places, cars and tracks for the game. You have here the most up-to-date video game simulation, and it includes most of the ALMS magic! So, if you share the KENNOL mojo “Performance and Endurance”, you know what christmas present you want this year!

KENNOL sponsors the Chevrolet ORECA

“ Provides more ways to ”
“experience the ALMS…”

As the official racing game partner of the American Le Mans Series, Forza 4 provides the “Forza Motorsport” community with unrivaled access to one of the top professional racing series, and also includes some of the most exciting F1 and ILMC tracks, such as Le Mans, Suzuka, Silverstone, etc. “Partnering with Turn 10 Studios and naming ‘Forza Motorsport 4’ as our official racing game partner unites our mutual passion for racing and provides our loyal fans even more ways to experience the American Le Mans Series,” said ALMS CEO Scott ATHERTON. “I don’t know of any other racing series that gives its fans the opportunity to both watch live racing and race the cars and tracks themselves on the same gaming console.”

Of course KENNOL is proud to have its award-winning 2010 prototype in the most respected racing game in the world. And that’s why we wanted to highlight this launch. We are planning to organize a contest and several promotional actions in the upcoming months, around this event. Which means that, maybe, a few Microsoft Xbox 360 and Forza Motorsports 4 bundles, consoles or games will reward some of you KENNOL fans!

So, stay tuned, and wait for news regarding potential Forza 4 presents in the upcoming weeks! Meanwhile, you can enjoy a sneak preview of the KENNOL prototype in the game in the following video:

KENNOL | Forza Motorsports 4: 2010 Chevy Oreca FLM09, sponsored by KENNOL and Microsoft

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