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As the most successful racer in FERRARI Challenge history, TUCKER was personally invited to be a factory test pilot by Ferrari’s CEO. “This is a tremendous honor,” Tucker said. “As a long-time Ferrari driver, being asked to help develop the next-generation of Maranello supercars is truly a thrill.” In 2009, Tucker finished on the podium in every race, and chalked up an unmatched 11 race victories.


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This weekend, Tucker once again provides his services as test driver to Ferrari S.p.A. for the new Prototype Ferrari 599XX. He was personally invited to be a factory test pilot by Ferrari’s CEO, Amedeo Felisa, in January. Tucker first tested the car in a private session a few days ago, the first ever to be held on American soil. He will continue to put the car through its paces and provide valuable data to team engineers this weekend.

“Just a team of passionate
professionals who are
up for this challenge.”

KENNOL - Scott TUCKER driving Ferrari 599XX

“The car was fantastic when we first began the process,” said TUCKER. “We had some great sessions and I was able to test the car in simulated race conditions. I am looking forward to seeing how the development of the car has progressed since we provided that initial feedback.”

This latest round of testing among a select group of international drivers is yet another step in a complex process for the legendary manufacturer. In February, at the Ricardo Tormo circuit outside of Valencia, Spain, the 599XX made its on-track debut with F1 driver Felipe Massa behind the wheel.

Carbon fiber is used extensively in the 599XX, even underhood, where carbon intakes and other bits save weight and add a little visual flair. The F1-style transmission also gets a reprogramming, with shift times now coming in a miniscule 60 ms, far quicker than even the most skilled clutch-and-lever operator.

With its 599 GTB Fiorano-derived V12 6.0 liters engine, delivering 700bhp at 9000 rpm, the 599XX is a monster. Its Actiflow system increases downforce (or cuts drag) depending on cornering attitude, thus produces 617 lb. of downforce at 124 mph and almost 1400 lb. of downforce at 186 mph! The system can be clearly recognized by the porous strips in the diffuser of the Ferrari 599XX, and by the ejection openings at the back of the car. The 599XX’s carbon-ceramic brake system now uses carbon pads, which allow for smaller calipers and, hence, even more weight savings. It should be developed under the Brembo CCM2 name, and maybe equip the next generation Ferrari Challenge…

Ferrari 599XX tested by TUCKER

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